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cMT Viewer is a remote connection software that is integrated into our HMI configuration software, EBPro, and works with select Maple Systems IIoT-ready HMIs along with the ability to run on PCs, Panel PCs, iPads, and Android tablets.

What is cMT Viewer?

cMT Viewer is a client application that enables users to view and control cMT devices and screens, quickly and easily.

cMT Viewer runs the HMI project on the client device. Only application data is exchanged between the HMI, acting as a server, and the client device. This client/server architecture offloads CPU intensive tasks such as rendering project graphics from the HMI to whatever client platform is used to connect to it. The HMI's CPU is freed up for tasks such as PLC communication. This enables multiple client devices to connect to a single HMI server with each client device providing an interactive and responsive user experience.

cMT Viewer and EasyAccess

When cMT Viewer initially connects to the remote HMI, project data is transferred into the cMT Viewer application. cMT Viewer then displays screen information independent of what is shown on the HMI. Only the live data is transferred across the network between the cMT Viewer and the HMI, greatly preserving system bandwidth.

Upon opening EasyAccess 2.0, all remote and EasyAccess 2.0 activated HMIs are automatically detected and shown in a list. Simply search the list, select the desired HMI, and press the cMT Viewer button. This will download the unit's project and instantly display real-time data from the HMI.

Monitor Mode 

Monitor Mode is a feature exclusive to the Windows version of the cMT Viewer application. It allows real time data to be displayed from up to 50 HMI servers simultaneously. Each HMI server is displayed as a tile in a grid. This special overview screen is configured on window 3 of the HMI's EBPro project. As the HMI responds to data read from the PLC, the tile view will update on the cMT Viewer client. A user can simply click any of the tiles to immediately jump to the full project for that HMI.

Features & Benefits

Benefit one

Lower Bandwidth Utilization

Benefit two

View different screens at the same time

Benefit three

FREE download

Implementing cMT Viewer

There are several ways to activate your device depending on the model.  Refer to the product datasheets for information on which models support cMT Viewer.


cMT Viewer is installed with EBPRo. It can be launched from the Maintenance Menu in Utility Manager after selecting the part number in the top left corner. You may also create a desktop shortcut that points to cMT Viewer.exe in the EBPro installation directory. 

EasyAccess 2.0

cMT Viewer is installed with EasyAccess 2.0 and will automatically be launched when connecting to a supported device. 

Apple or Android Device

The cMT Viewer application is available in the Google Play store and iTunes. Simply search for cMT Viewer and follow the installation instructions for your device.


This guide is designed to provide the necessary information for trouble-free implementation of the cMT Viewer feature.

Read more about EasyAccess 2.0, which models come with a license or require the purchase of an additional license. 

Remote access software for supported HMIs. 

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Enables monitoring & control with a PC, Smartphone or Tablet. Secure connectivity & with IIoT: MQTT, OPC UA, SQL.

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