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Whether your goal is to increase throughput, elevate quality control, enhance traceability, reduce recalls, improve personnel safety, or all of the above, we can help.  Today's technology offers innovative solutions for the medical & pharmaceutical industry and industrial process control issues.  Whether it's streamlining processes, reducing time to market, maintaining regulatory compliance, or reducing costs, we can help you address your unique challenges head on.   

Here are just a few of the many Medical & Pharmaceutical OEMs, Machine Builders, and Manufacturers that use our products:

For more than 45 years Coy Laboratory Products Inc. has manufactured controlled atmosphere glove boxes and chambers designed to fit your labs needs. Since developing the first anaerobic chamber specifically for microbiology their line of glove boxes, chambers and sensors have expanded to cover a wide variety of applications. As technology advances, so does Coy and that's why they use our 4.3" HMI (HMI5040B) on their O2 Control Glove Box.

CardioQuip leveraged years of conversations with surgeons, bio-meds, and perfusionists to design and manufacture their first  cooler heater in 2011. With the introduction of the MCH-1000(i), CardioQuip launched a new generation of cooler-heaters, featuring intuitive design, simplified cleaning, and accurate temperature control.  Since then, CardioQuip has partnered with company's like Maple Systems (HMI5043LB) in their commitment to provide simple, high quality solutions.

MSI Automation, Inc. has been providing induction heating solutions for many industrial applications and for medical and materials research for the last 20 years. Hyperthermia is being used for the treatment of brain tumors, especially in infants, where other methods of Hyperthermia treatment have proven unsuccessful. MSI uses Maple's HMIs on the Nano Particle heater.  Watch their video and see our HMI at work.

For decades De Dietrich Process Systems has been providing the pharmaceutical industry with high-quality products to meet companies' rigorous standards. As the pharmaceutical industry drives processes toward smaller batches and higher concentrations, lower temperatures and higher levels of containment, De Dietrich continues to evolve their product offering to meet these changing demands. We are proud to provide De Dietrich with the 7" HMI + I/O Combo unit for their Powder Pump unit.

Miller Technical Services (MTS) provides manufacturing services to medical device companies, inventors, private equity, pharmaceutical companies and more. Additionally, we are well-equipped to handle engineering support, supply chain management, production assembly, service and warranty parts depot and device history record maintenance specifically for the medical industry.  MTS builds the CleanStart Ultrasonic Cleaner that uses our 7" Aluminum enclosure HMI (HMI5070P).

 For over 85 years, Nelco has pioneered innovative radiation shielding solutions, with a passion and commitment that’s unparalleled in their industry. With a record of environmental health and social responsibility that’s second to none. At NELCO, they conceive and realize the world’s most advanced shielding projects.  Nelco partnered with Maple Systems for application engineering services when transitioning to our 12.1" HMI (HMI5121XL) on their medical doors for a radiation room.

“Maple Systems partnered with us to complete an Application Engineering project. [Maple's Application Engineer] was a pleasure to work with and helped to verify and test the solution. This project continues to pair well Maple Systems hardware.”

Seth Warnock, Chief Designer


Enhance Traceability

Elevate Quality Control

FDA and other regulations

Improved traceability provides valuable data.

The ability to track products from end-to-end is critical in the medical & pharmaceutical  industries. Automation significantly improves traceability which means a product can be readily tracked from its source, through processing and distribution, until it reaches the shelf for consumers. If a problem is detected with a batch of products, the shipment can be located and retrieved, avoiding potential issues. Improved traceability provides valuable data that allows manufacturers to ensure regulatory compliance and cut down on the cost of compliance. This data also allows for trouble-shooting and identification of issues along the supply chain – allowing for continuous improvement and enhancing overall quality, safety, and profitability.

Automation provides manufacturers with consistency.

The medical & pharmaceutical industry demands excellent quality control in order to provide safe products and preserve the brand reputation. By reducing the potential for human error and allowing early identification of potential issues, automation increases the reproducibility of production and helps ensure the final product does not vary – or more concisely put, automation improves quality control!  Consistency and safety is crucial for the medical & pharmaceutical industry.  With the IIoT, manufacturers in this space can set more of their industrial systems on productive autopilot, improve their consistency and quality, reach their market faster with new products, and realize other competitive and practical benefits.

Increase efficiency, improve traceability, and protect the brand’s reputation.

Manufacturers across all industries are under constant pressure to increase profits while reducing costs. In addition, the medical & pharmaceutical industry is under pressure to comply with FDA and other regulations that ensure safety and quality.  Automation is a clear solution to relieve these pressures as automated processes are proven to increase efficiency, improve traceability, and protect the brand’s reputation – all while complying with the requisite regulations.  A Maple Industrial Panel or Box PC paired with our SCADA software, Aveva Edge 2020, can create applications that are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.  Track change and other data in a SQL  database for future inspection.

Case Study

Read why Silverstone Automation Chose a Maple Systems 10" HMI for their Precision Catheter Tip-Forming Machine.  The SilverCATH 1100 tip forming machines processes one catheter/introducer per cycle. An operator loads the product onto the machine-carried mandrel which is moved to the tip forming station for processing. Through a 10" color touch screen, the end user can enter and save process parameters within product recipes. Settable process parameters include power output, process times, motion speeds, and positions. 

"With the 10" easy-to-read Maple touchscreen and separate screens for operators and technicians, the operator's interactions were simplified, and unintended interactions were mitigated. In addition, using pre-programmed recipes meant operators had less information to enter for each patient, reducing changeover time and minimizing errors."

Corey Bodily, CFO

Silverstone Automation

Remote Access & the IIoT

Maple Systems can serve as your guide, making it an easy process to join the next evolution of automated control. Maple Systems HMIs, Gateways, and Industrial PCs are your gateway to the IIoT. Our products are an access point enabling operating equipment in the field or on the plant floor to connect to information technologies of the World Wide Web, databases, smart phones, analytic software, and more. Achieve better access to invaluable data and open up a world of possibilities for your business

Email notifications for alarms and data backups

Remote access/monitoring/control functionality

Data logging for more informed decision making

Enhanced network security thanks to physically separate dual Ethernet ports.

PLC manufactures - Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Bosch, Emerson, Yaskawa, Matsushita, Watlow, Parker, ABB, Danfoss and more


Connect the Hardware using a Protocol you Know

Free EBPro Programming Software provides easy integration with built-in drivers for over 300 PLCs, including drivers for Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Emerson, Omron, and Panasonic.

Industrial Panel PCs

Capacitive, High Brightness, and WiFi options

To effectively and efficiently monitor packaging operations, the need for auto adjustments, and timely and accurate data is critical. You need reliable, current, and historical information to make critical business decisions. As safety and environmental concerns continue to increase, the ability to remotely monitor your facilities and equipment, and quickly make adjustments becomes increasingly important.

High Brightness/Sunlight Readable Capacitive Industrial Touch Monitor, 1000 nits, 1 HDMI input, 1 VGA input, 1 DVI-D input, 1 DisplayPort input, 1 Audio port (input)

We have hundreds of configuration options to choose from:

• 11 Screen Sizes, 7”-21.5”

• 6 Intel CPUs

• 4-32GB Memory

• 32GB -512GB SSD

• Optional Wi-Fi Expansion Kit

• Microsoft Windows OS 

For over 20 years we have proudly partnered with Indusoft Web Studio, now Aveva, as our SCADA software provider. With its powerful development tools that enable you to create supervisory applications that operate on multiple operating system platforms. Create your project using features such as animated screens, alarms, trends, scripting, recipes & reports, and schedule tasks. This software offers the power to create exactly what you want, the way you want it, including 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

If you don't need a display, we offer Industrial Box PCs. Customize your configuration, including Wi-Fi and Raid support options available.

Touchscreen HMIs

Wi-Fi & Class I, Division 2 Options

Our easy to use HMIs and Free Configuration Software gives you the power and flexibility to tackle your next automation project. With display sizes ranging from 4.3" to 15", diverse options and features such as Wi-Fi, Dual Ethernet, Remote Access, Class 1, Div 2. Our easy to use HMI software allows you to pick and place graphical objects, assign communication (PLC) drivers easily, and access data from these Advanced Human Machine Interfaces.

Maximize production | Enable manage-by-exceptions | Avoid unnecessary equipment shut down

Gather data cost effectively | Prevent costly equipment repairs | Streamline ticketing and invoicing

Smart IIoT HMIs

MQTT, OPC UA, Sparkplug B, Ignition, SQL Databases

These IIoT products are designed to meet the expanding need for new

ways to connect to equipment, while still preserving the core function of a

fixed operator terminal. Operators are free to remotely monitor and control equipment with any smart/mobile device, from anywhere in the world.

Data is an extremely valuable resource that creates immense opportunities for growth and increased profitability. For industrial automation companies, the challenge is to efficiently collect, analyze, and visualize masses of data from SCADA systems, equipment, facilities and safety systems. This data, in turn, supports operational insight and business value—all while improving return on investment.


Class I, Division 2

Our HMC series combines a Touch Screen HMI and PLC all in one unit. Utilized worldwide to employ diverse applications, our HMI PLCs lower costs, save space, and feature options including: Serial and Ethernet communication, support for Class I, Division 2 installations, and numerous I/O configurations.

These controllers with displays range in size from 4.3”, 7.0”, to 10.2”. I/O modules offer digital inputs and outputs, with analog I/O as well. Our HMI+PLC models are ideal for harsh locations with their Class I, Div 2 rating.

HMI PLCs provide an affordable combination of display and control in a single package and programmed by using our MAPware7000 software, which allows you to have web server functionality, data logging, recipes, graphs, alarms, trending, create objects with multiple tasks, and more.

You can use serial and ethernet communication to remote via Modbus to expansion I/O, making these controls capable of any size application.

Native Ladder/IEC 61131-3.  With the only 10” option for Class 1, Div 2, it's great for small spaces where there is no room for a PLC.

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